Dog Brewskis Dog Treats - Original Flavor Large Bag - Dog Brewskis

Dog Brewskis Dog Treats - Original Flavor Large Bag

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Our original recipe is a true favorite among all dogs. This dog treat flavor is the base recipe for all our other flavors and is what got Dog Brewskis started. Our small size is for the smaller breeds (up to 25 lbs) and the large treats are for dogs above 25 lbs. 

Each package includes either a 24-pack or a 48-pack (12oz) of premium dog biscuits. Treats are packaged in a resealable bag maximum shelf life but we do suggest they are enjoyed before the expiration date on the package; that's not going to be difficult #addicting.

These spent grain dog treats are made by hand (in a real kitchen) and are a fun treat for everybody to enjoy. Dog Brewskis are shaped like beer bottles so now your dogs can enjoy a brewski too!


  • Brewers Grain
  • USDA Organic Peanut Butter
  • USDA Eggs
  • USDA Whole Wheat Flour