About Us

We are a small family operation who love dogs and wanted to create a dog snack unlike any other. Dog Brewskis was a result of 2 passions of ours - love for dogs and craft beer brewing. Just like many of you, we had a hard time finding dog treats at the large pet stores that aren't on a recall (or about to be) and don't make our 2 Beagles sick. After a year of trial and error and thorough product testing, we perfected our Dog Brewski recipes and we want to share our love of dogs and our amazing dog treats with you! 

Dog Brewskis are gourmet dog treats that contain no hops nor any alcohol. They are made from the grains (wheat, barley, and oats) used to make beer and only a few other all-natural ingredients (no preservatives or additives) that are great for dogs. Shaped like beer bottles, these treats are perfect for sharing with your dog(s) while you enjoy a brewski of your own. Our dogs love Dog Brewskis and we know yours will too!

We are both Beagle lovers and have adopted 2 Beagles from Midwest Beagle Rescue, Education and Welfare http://www.gotbeagles.org/. We love having found this opportunity to provide our best friends with wholesome treats while reclaiming byproducts that normally would be thrown to waste after the beer brewing process. We couldn't be happier than to have our pups in our lives and they love Dog Brewskis too! 

Dog Brewskis Founders - Our Story.