What to do with those empty pet food bags?

We were recently pondering this very question ourselves. Most of us look for the recycling logo on our packaging waste, but do those materials actually make it to a recycle center? And are they actually repurposed? Here at Dog Brewskis HQ we are very excited to recycle everything we can and move to more recyclable products. Unfortunately our own packaging is not very recyclable on it's own. But we have partnered with iheartdogs.com to solve this issue. This organization will send you a free shipping label and you send them your used pet food bags. They will recycle the bags and turn them into various other pet products. Not only is this excellent for the environment, it is completely free! You just create a free account on their website and you can request the shipping lables when and where you like. You can even setup drop locations at your office or your kids' school. We will be hosting one of these drop locations at our farmers market events. Just bring us your empty pet food bags and we will take care of the rest! How easy is that?




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