COVID-19 update (Spring 2021)

As we are nearing the end of the tunnel for COVID-19 and the restrictions we are excited to announce we will be back to the Farmers Market(s) this year. After a whole year away from these events it has given us a lot of time to be to be together as a family but we have missed seeing all of our faithful customers at the markets as well. Although we will still be adhering to any CDC guidelines when the farmers markets first start up again, we hope that as spring turns into summer most of those guidelines will no longer be needed to keep our population safe and healthy. 

We are discontinuing our weekly delivery service as of this date. Any orders that were still placed this week will be honored for delivery in our Chicagoland area but this week will be the last week for this service. We still ship to all 50 states and are open 24-7 here on the website. And we look forward to seeing you at the markets! 

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