Winter is Coming - but first we get to enjoy autumn

As winter approaches, our favorite season presents us with fantastic colors, cooler temperatures, the smell of burning leaves, and the taste of pumpkin pie. It truly is an awesome season in Northern Illinois. When we started Dog Brewskis, we took this season and wanted to create a seasonal flavor for our Dog Brewskis; pumpkin. After some trial and error, we built and tested a successful recipe variation that incorporates natural pumpkin and a little bit of cinnamon. Shortly after that first season was over, demand remained constant for that pumpkin spice flavor; so much so that we made it available all year round. 

So while you are relaxing on the back patio enjoying a brewski of your own, be sure to share that relaxation with your four-legged friends. And to help you enjoy that experience, we want you to take 10% off your order of Pumpkin Spice Dog Brewskis when you use BLOG10 at checkout - now until November 1st. 

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