Grain Free

They are here!! Grain free treats!

Thanks to our brewer David we are happy to announce our "Grain Free Dog Brewskis" are in stock. 

If your dog has grain allergies or is on a grain free diet, then these treats are for you. It was discovered that one of our Beagles could no longer consume grains like those that are in our Dog Brewskis. She was heartbroken and we wanted to come up with an alternative Dog Brewski treat for her. The materials are a bit more difficult to work with and are rather unique. But we made them anyway and both our Beagles love them! We want to share these treats with your pups as well. 

We use spent millet, corn meal, buck wheat, almond flour, peanut butter, and egg to make this new scrumptious treat. Baked to perfection and dehydrated to get the extra crunch we love to hear. Your dogs will love this new flavor - ours sure do! Our beagles can't get enough of this treat. Due to the limited materials, this flavor may be available for a limited time only. Order yours today! Click here.

Due to the fragile content bag sizing may differ but quantity remains the same. 




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