New adventures for Sookie and Coda

Sookie and Coda have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of their new sister and on November 8th they didn't have to wait any longer. 

Welcome Miss Emily Quinn weighing at only 6lbs 10 oz. She came home on the 10th and was greeted with warm kisses from her fur siblings. Sookie and Coda were wagging their tales and thrilled to add to their pack, although they do hope she doesn't go into their cookie jar filled with Dog Brewskis. I reassured them she is too young to eat any treats ;)

We are all settling into a routine and adjusting into a new life. Sookie and Coda are being wonderful older siblings and even guarding Emily's room while she eats. At night time the snuggles are all to real with Coda and Emily.

Although Emily is unable to help in the kitchen we are still able to get baking done for our pawstomers.


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