Life brings us new adventures

As we grow closer and closer to expecting our first child, Katie and I wanted to start a blog of sorts that discusses our adventures raising a child (from the beginning) with our 2 four-legged children. I think anybody with Beagles can relate - they never really grow up. They are like children/puppies throughout. While we do expect some challenges ahead, we have each other and we are both really excited for this new adventure. While a name has yet to be chosen, we do have a few in mind. We invite you to follow our blog as we record our adventure with the main focus on how our 2 beagles interact with the new addition. 

When we broke the news to Sookie and Coda, Coda's tail was wagging but Sookie (the oldest) actually did a sigh of disgust - this is going to be interesting. Something worth mentioning about Sookie - she was bored when it was just her. So we rescued Coda from Midwest Beagle Rescue thinking that she just needed a play friend. It actually turned to back fire on us. Coda (being the puppy) steals all the attention. So the news of another life form in the house pulling away from Sookie's attention gathering seems to be troubling her. We have no doubt though that in just a few years, our Beagles will be getting plenty of attention from our new baby girl - and lots of dropped food...... They will love it. 

Stay tuned for more blogging as our adventure deepens.